msfs 2020 datc flys me into a mountain

  • hi guys can anyone tell me why the msfs 2020 atc would fly me into a mountain under instructions from atc and why are there always vehicles which wont get out of the way on taxi ways

    cheers aussie kev

  • That happened to me flying in Indonesia the other day. Kept giving me instructions to fly straight into a mountain. I requested a new flight level and it stopped it. I think the atc still needs alot of work at this point. Also the vehicle traffic is also something I saw on the to be fixed list in coming updates. I have also run into this issue. I was taking off on a grass runway in FL and halfway down the runway a truck crossed in front.

  • thanks for your input i have other issues now since the update i have no pushback service and auto throttle keeps disconnecting ,i have tried many things but just dont seem to work im slowly starting to lose interest as things are not happening quick enough for me. when i make a purchase i expect it to work they should have ironed out all the bugs before they sell it . cheers