Missing scenery?

  • I recently noticed that the screenshots in the Store for the US scenery update show a very detailed versio of Hoover Dam. But the dam does not show up in my sim -- nothing at all where the dam should be. Also, ne detail at all in nearby Las Vegas, such as lights on "the Strip." The Store assures me that I have the US scenery installed.

    What gives?

    I am also missing many buildings in NYC, including almost all south of 34th Street.

    Do I need to do a clean reinstall, or is there a less drastic solution? :?:

  • I got some help from steam users and realised I had not switched on my online functionality. Once I did that the buildings appeared. The trouble with an old phart and long time user of every other sim like me is that we tend to jump in without reading or analysing anything new. :)