Where have the Australian liveries gone?

  • Hello everybody !
    I was just wondering the following question:
    "Where have the magnificent Australian liveries gone for A320neo?"
    Indeed, until a few days ago, the superb Jetstar liveries were available on the site, but I can't find them anymore ... Has there been a problem?
    Thank you for your answers ;)

  • Unfortunately, sometimes creators simply delete their addons, which is beyond our control (and they have the right to do so), so it might be the case that the addons you are looking for are no longer on the site. However, in your case, might I suggest this website as a source for Australian liveries. I would like to say that we are in no way associated with this website, it's just a website where you can find some Australian liveries.

  • Hey.

    Happy to give you access to our Australian Aviation (AAEC) Livery. Most of our active members are now using it.

    AAEC (Australian Aviation East Coast)

    Here are some brief screenshots of it here in the bottom link

    You can also drop past our discord channel and just ask one of the admins to share the file with you. We would be glad to share it.

    Here is some screen shots of our Australian livery