Addon Updater Software? (Like CurseForge, but for FS2020)

  • Not sure if this is in the correct place, but here we go:

    I had an idea. It's probably dumb, but if not it could set this website apart from all others.

    Why not, a windows program, made by that is basically a app-based version of this website, but with one killer feature:

    If you need more info on what I'm talking about, Think CurseForge for World of Warcraft. it allows users to browse addons for WoW and install them, as well as keep them up to date automatically.

    This is the only website I've seen that has a notification system when a developer releases an addon update, so, why not take that a little bit further?
    You could probably make it a paid app, or run ads in a sidebar inside the UI or something.

    Is this a good idea? / Would it ever be possible? / Am I an idiot for even suggesting such a thing?