where can you see vor and ils freq?

  • I dont think there is a way but maybe there is.

    What I do is use a 2nd monitor for charts and other programs.

    Ill have Rex Weather Force for the weather of the arrival city and current conditions and then trusty google for the charts.

    I type in what I am looking for.


    Tab 1 Google search KMCO Goofy 7 Arrival This will give me the STAR I will use

    Tab 2 Google search KMCO ILS 18R This gives me the ILS Freq, Course, intersections/heights for the ILS approach

    Works pretty good for me.

    I also have a notebook from back in the day that I had VOR's and ILS's that I used the most broken down by state and city.

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  • On the world map screen, click on Filters at the bottom of the screen. Then turn Navaids to On.

    This will show VORs etc, click on them to get frequencies.

    It’s not great though. And it doesn’t seem to save your settings so you have to do it each time.

    LittleNavMap is pretty good for this, and you can position a compass on the nav point to get radials etc.