Guide | If your file is being shared without permission somewhere else

  • For Creators

    Unfortunately, there are many websites which steal files, mods and liveries from Mostly, creators have decided to upload their works exclusively here, but those sites distribute them on their own servers without properly crediting the authors, let alone asking for permission at all. We are aware of this fact and are constantly monitoring the situation of new content ripping sites. If you find your file being shared on other websites, and you have not agreed to this distribution, please act quickly so that you or we can remove the copyright infringement. Follow this guide to properly takedown copyright infringements of your file.

    Option [1] - Our Copyright Center

    We have set up a Copyright Center for creators, where you can report where and on which website you found the illegal copy of your file. We will then act on your behalf and file a takedown notice to remove the pirated file. All you have to do is report the links to us, and we will take care of the legal enforcement as best we can. This is the easiest and simplest way for you to remove an illegal distribution.

    Option [2] - Take action yourself

    Additional Note: How to Protect Your Files