How Come Some Liveries Downloaded from this Site Show Up, But Others Do Not???

  • Yes, I checked the file structures in my Community folder, and the liveries that don't show up have file structures identical to those that do.

    So, what gives? Also, Is there a known fix or work-around for a non-appearing livery?

    BTW, I do not extract directly from my DLs to Community. I extract to a place outside the sim, check the files and then move them to Community. This should work, no?

  • Mac , This may help liveries show up if you have duplicate folders with liveries , In the Community folder 'delete' the duplicate folder underneath the livery pack folder - it will appear as ' liveries_CVT_' , also 'delete' the duplicate " aircraft _CVT_" folder . After you have deleted these ' restart ' your computer and AC liveries should show up correctly . I do this for every texture that I repaint and it always works , the 'CVT' regenerates to the correct data ( ? )

    Thanks hope this assists with your issue