Flying Boat World Tour (since 2008)

  • I have been flying this one for quite some time now. I orignally started with FS2004 and the legendary Boing 314 "Clipper" after reading "Night over Water" by Ken Follet (a superb read btw). After a long stop in Phuket, Thailand (too hot temperatures for the B314) I continued on but had to make a long pause again after entering the Pacific.

    I switched over to FSX and completed the Pacific crossing with a Catalina PBY. From Hawaii to San Francisco was the longest flight I had ever done, 20 hours, mostly in the dark. After crossing the Rocky Mountains, the tour stopped again.

    With MSFS I continued on with the Icon A5 and later the Grumman Goose.

    Go here for the full logbook, map and all the screenshots (the ones posted here are only an excerpt). The main part is written in German, the MSFS parts are in English. But the pictures tell the story all by themselves. ;-)

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