Scenery Map - Show flightplans / bushtrip tracks?

  • Hi,

    I have a technical & feaseable question, regarding the scenery map - Which I really love b.t.w. - good job.

    However, is/will it be technical feaseable for the future to see bushtrip/flightplan routes?

    Finally we know that these constist in the background of coordinates like *.gpx waypoints.

    In an OSM it seems technical possible (or even google maps) to display a route based on waypoints.

    I woud love to have/see this as well in the scenery map.

    I don't know how to setup or if you think about, but it could work in this case like you see the icon (disply all routes like the icon in the beginning might be to overcrouded),

    the user can click on and next got displayed the route on the map.

    base can be a lnm file or a gpx.

    Cheers, BWilli