Repeated A32NX crash after take off

  • I´ve just been introduced to the A32NX beeing a regular FSL and ToLiss user for years.

    Two days ago I made two very successfull simbrief flight plan flights within Europe.

    Last night I made two attempts to take of from BIKF and at 1000 feet the plane stopped following the STAR, turned into a right turn overstressed and crashed.

    I did restart the pc and FS2020 between attemps.


  • Arnason

    Changed the title of the thread from “Repeated A320NX crash after take off” to “Repeated A32NX crash after take off”.
  • Hey Arnason , ToLiss is a blessing and coming from a fully, study level functional plane and trying the default A320neo is indeed quite hard to adapt. I completely understand your pain.

    While the NX is better than the default, it still uses the base A20N, so there are some flaws that comes with.

    Now for your CTDs, can you try to lower your graphics settings just for TO and try again.

    Lemme know ;)