YBBN and YBCG Freeware scenery issue

  • Hello!

    Since he made these sceneries with a Google Earth Decoder I think this is just how the scenery "is supposed to look". This is how he uploaded it and it's nothing wrong on your side, I get this aswell. So sadly this is how the scenery looks, not all sceneries are perfect.

    Hope this made it clearer.

  • I have this problem also with YBCG Gold Coast Airport however I do not have any problems with the same developers scenery for YBBN. Computers are strange animals. One thing I have read regarding melted scenery is that all the Level of Detail type settings have to be set as high as possible. i.e. flying from YBCG to YBBN all the high rise buildings will take some time to resolve if details settings are too low. I have experimented with this particular coastline and it's high rises are just melted blobs and triangles if you zoom in on them and/or if your details settings are too low. Even with all your settings at highest, MSFS does not appear to "like" zooming in on buildings from a distance.