Website Development | Changelog

    • Launched forums again. You can login with your credentials!
    • Forums are replacing Discussions on the website.
    • Developers can now create a thread on this forum and attach it to their file by providing the link.
    • Only username, email and password are shared between website and forum. Other information such as profile avatars, covers, posts or conversations are independent of the website.
  • General

    • Added the Featured tab for sceneries and liveries, featuring most trending items in these categories.
    • Redesigned the structure of the files page, the download button is now shown right to the image gallery.


    • Launched a new profile design. It is more structured and clear and contains further information of your activity. For example, you can now also see who you are following and others can see which files you liked. Because of the design change we had to revise the profile descriptions as they no longer allow HTML content. Please adjust this if necessary!
    • You can now also setup more information for your profile. For example, you can add your own Website Link, a GitHub Link and your Bitcoin Wallet address via your account settings page.

    Karma and Levels

    • Collect Karma to level up in ranks. There are currently 13 Levels - starting from Trainee to General, which require a certain amount of Karma points. Check out the Karma Leaderboards and requirements here. Here is a list for what you can currently earn Karma.
    • Your current level is also displayed on your profile.

    Coming next

    • The Karma system is just a first draft. We plan to link the system to both on our forum and Discord server in future, so all three platforms will share the same level and points. Furthermore we plan to introduce Badges in January 2021. You will be able to collect dozens of badges for your profile by fulfilling different criteria and actions on the site - and for each badge you get, you also earn Karma.

  • 🍺 Quite a few Changes and Updates

    What a busy week for all of us! Luckily, the weekend near. Here are some news about what has changed on in the last few days. Quite something.

    • File Dependencies and FAQ
    • File Discussions
    • Block Users
    • Progress on Requests
    • In Progress Page
    • Text Editor Adjustments
    • New Categories
    • New Help Desk and Live Support
    • A32NX launched on
    • Refreshed Site Design
    • New About us Page
    • Coming soon: Activity Feed
    • Coming soon: Report Broken Mods
    • Coming soon: Best Rated Mods

    ➡ File Dependencies and FAQ

    We have somewhat refreshed the design of the file pages. Creators can now also add Frequently Asked Questions for their add-ons and point users to necessary or recommended dependencies, for example. That way you can easily attach used Libraries within your file.

    ➡ Discussions

    We are bringing back Discussions. Each file has now its own discussion board where you can discuss topics or create threads on specific issues to relieve the clusters in comments.

    ➡ Block Users

    Some users asked for it. You can now put other users on a block list in your user settings. These users can no longer comment on your files, rate them and can not contact you via DM. But they can still see and download your files. They could anyway if they log off.

    ➡ Progress on Requests

    If you have accepted to create a request, you can now update it with your current progress so that the requestor and sponsors know how far you are. We have also created a new "In Progress" page that shows requests that are about to be completed in near future.

    ➡ Text Editor Adjustments

    We had to change the text editor for file descriptions slightly. Now the formats should be saved more reliably, links are set correctly and open in a new tab by default. It is possible that old styles will be lost the next time you save, as we no longer allow all previously set styles in order to keep it consistent and clean. Please only use the tools available on site.

    ➡ More Changes

    "Aircraft" is now its own top-level category and became some subcategories. We added categories for Paint Jobs, Cockpit Additions, Checklists, the lovely A32NX Cups, The Skypark and Skylounge - more news on that soon. Besides that we slightly refreshed the site design, created 3 more categories for third-party aircraft, set up a new Help Desk and Live Support. Lots of little things have been changed to improve the usability and design of the website in general. Some you won't even notice, others will surely catch your eye over time. By the way, we're happy to announce that our official partner FlyByWire decided to launch their A32NX installer on too as well, welcome!

    ➡ What's on our Roadmap next

    • Creators and users will be able to mark broken or no longer officially maintained addons
    • Creators will have access to an side-wide Activity Feed to showcase their Work in Progress
    • We will add "Best Rated" to the upper navigation of categories

    That's all for today - see ya! 🥇

  • Important: Liveries and the new A32NX Update

    Starting today, FlyByWire will begin packaging and distributing the A32NX as a separate aircraft from the default Asobo A320neo. This only affects the development and experimental branches of the A32NX - not the stable branch yet. However, with this update, liveries made for the default A320neo will no longer function in the new FlyByWire package. Liveries will need to be converted by their respective authors. There will be a simple livery conversion tool released by FlyByWire within a week from now, but until then, we recommend that you do not update your A32NX to the new development or experimental version if you want to keep using all liveries here on! has created a new FBW A32NX category. We ask all creators to upload their A32NX compatible files to this category. At the latest, when the stable version of the A32NX is also updated, only these liveries will work. The other A320neo liveries will of course continue to work on the default Microsoft A320neo.

    1.5 Million Unique Users started back in August 2020. Since then, this project has continued to grow. We are more than pleased to announce that until now 1.5 million unique users all around the world have visited us. A horrendous number! Thank you for your support!

    Image Upload in Direct Messaging

    From now on you can also send images via your mailbox on Just click on the small camera icon to the left of the send button to add screenshots or images to your message.

    Email Notification of Missed Messages

    Starting today, we will finally notify you by email if you have an unread message in your inbox at This only applies to messages that have been unread for more than 24 hours. So you won't miss anything anymore! You can unsubscribe from such email notifications at anytime in your User settings.

    User Gallery - Add your own images

    With "User Gallery" we are now introducing the possibility to upload your own screenshots and images to mods and add-ons. Until now, only authors themselves could upload images of their add-on. But now, you can attach your screenshots to a file too! Just click on "User Gallery" at the respective item page and upload your screenshot to showcase the mod or the fun you're having while using it.

  • 19 Translations launched

    We are very pleased to announce that we can now provide in 19 languages. To choose your language, click the language chooser dropdown on the top of the page. As we have just launched the translations and most of them have been translated with artificial intelligence, please feel free to help us! 👉 Click here to suggest improvements and we will look into it and improve the language together. Please note that not everything is translated yet and you can only improve the already translated texts. Thank you for your help!

    Commenting Improvements

    Creators can now pin any comment on their files to highlight it. Furthermore, it is now possible to search through comments if a file has more than 25 comments. Just click on the small search icon next to the comment count and enter a search phrase. Finally, you can use emojis 😄 😍 💗 in comments and messages from now on! An emoji picker is now available for this purpose.

    First file reaches 100K+ Downloads

    Also, we are more than happy to announce that Airbus H135 Helicopter Project by Hype Performance Group is the first add-on to hit 100.000 downloads on Our congratulaions for this success! 🥳

    With the new files design just launched today, you can now upload up to 24 instead of 18 images to your file.