Livery stopped working

  • Hey guys! I hope some one here can help me.

    I've created this Livery…ritius-livery-airbus-a320 and I have been using it, with no problems up until now.

    So yestarday, I was contacted by a user, tellin me that he could not see the livery in game.

    I couldn't figure out why. He had installed it in the right directory, where all his other custom liveries where, and it should be working fine.

    So I deleted my own folder, and downloaded the Livery from and installed the version currently up there.

    And to my great confusion - I was seeing the same thing. (or rather NOT seeing)

    This worked fine before. And I am currently at 277 downloads. No one has reported any problems.

    Up until this one guy. And now that also includes me, because I deleted the working version from my drive xD

    I would greatly appreciate if some one could take a look and figure out why it suddenly isn't wokring anymore :love: