[Request] Icon A5 2021 Update.

  • Icon has updated the 2021 model of the A5 to now come with a G3X and an optional Autopilot.

    Is there anyone that can modify the in-game A5 into a second version (Like how the C175 has both a Steam Gage and a G1000 Version), So that we can have both Standard A5 and a 2021 G3X/AutoPilot A5?

    From what i've seen on the Icon website, there's pretty much no changes to the Icon A5 except for parts of the dashboard.

    There seems to be 3 main changes: (See Image Below)

    1. The artificial Horizon between the Airspeed and Altitude Dials has been removed and replaced with a blank panel with the Icon Logo.

    2. The Avionics Display has been replaced with a widescreen Garmin G3X that also has Radio Coms and Transponder.

    3. The Radio and Transponder have been replaced with an Autopilot Panel.

    My main idea for this, would just be to copy the Autopilot Panel and the G3X out of the Xcub (As they are very similar to the ones seen in the new 2021 A5) and resize and replace the Display and Radio stack in this with them.

    But i have no idea how to do that.

    Is anybody able to take on this challenge? Or, Can someone give me super basic instructions so that I could do this? (You'd have to explain it to me like you would a 3-year old.)