• Kevin from the Tampa Bay, FL area. But I think my user ID might have just given that part away...;)

    Been simming since MSFS 3 (yes, I'm old), got away from it for awhile, but FS2020 has reinfected me with the bug! I'm also a real life instrument rated private pilot and former airplane owner, but I haven't flown in more years than I'd care to admit, and now I'm disabled, so unless I can fix that (and it's at least hypothetically possible, but unknown) my RL flying days may be behind me.

    But my simming days are reinvigorated, and I'm loving MSFS, and loving finding quality addons to enhance the experience. I get almost all of my freeware/open-source mods from right here.

    My rig is a modestly OCed 10600K paired with a stout OCed 2070 Super, and with some exceptions (like around Seattle for whatever reason), I'm completely satisfied with the performance I'm getting. My primary display is a 32" Samsung 1440p, and my secondary is an older AOC 28" 1080p. I have a set of HP Reverb G2s on the way, and I'm really looking forward to some MSFS VR goodness. Hopefully they'll be here by the time VR support is released on 12/22/20. They are scheduled for sometime this month, anyway.

    Currently using a Thrustmaster t.16000m, and intend to buy a Honeycomb Bravo TQS if anyone ever gets them in stock. My disability (I'm bed bound) makes setting those up a bit tricky, but I've got a plan!

    A serious shoutout to all you addon makers, without you this place wouldn't even be a place.

    So... HI!!!

  • Good morning,

    Jeff Here and I'm from the DFW Texas area (really, 14 miles north of 18R at KDFW).

    Been simming since 92 and have had all of them since. Gave up in when FSX came out because my PC just couldnt run it the way it ran FS9. Continued to run FS9 until that PC died 16 years later (2018). Built a new computer in August of this year (I7-9700 CPU, 32gb DDr4, GeForce RX 2080 Super) and have been simply astounded at the level of detail in the sim. Purchased the Rex Weather Force 2020 as a new weather platform and have been running it all the time getting usually 40-60fps. Hopefully picking up the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke for Christmas.

    Usually fly the A320 but the TBM is a great ship to fly as well. Lower and slower I fly the Cirrus and the C172 standard, not glass cockpit because that's what I learned to fly in. You can find me usually in the Orlando area around 3500 feet.

    Signature not required for delivery

    **i7-9700k @ 3.60GHz, GeForce RTX 2070 Super, ROG Strix Z390-E, 32gb G Skill 3200 C16, 1 TB Pcie SSD, 850w Power**
    **Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, Logitech Throttle, Logitech Pedals**

  • Hello, my name is Michel and I live in Norway. I have been flying X-Plane since 1998 and I owned and flew a real-life Kitfox ultralight for 14 years from Jarlsberg ENJB. I am now 72 years old, widower, retired and discovering MSFS 2020. I have done a lot of scenery for X-Plane before and I am quite acquainted with for example, Blender. If anybody wants my help for for example, fixing some Norwegian airfields, please let me know. All my work has always been free.

    Cheers, Michel

  • Merry Christmas everybody - I'm Steve and I used to work for British Mediterranean Airways and several other companies in the early 80 to 90's. I was a safety training instructor (SEP & CRM) with many of the companies I worked for, sadly I had to leave the job I loved due to injury and ill health. Spent some time working for Virgin Trains before finally having to succumb to my injuries & health. Really miss flying and the aviation industry but life goes on. Stay safe everybody - this virus is a silent & deadly killer, but despite all of that may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. XX