[Solved] Report/Delete Duplicate and Already Made Requests

  • I recently made a request for a livery that I wanted, but later on somebody made a request for the same plane and livery as my request. I also found a request for a livery that was already posted on the website. That made me think about how their could possibly be a system to remove duplicate requests or requests that have already been made.

    I was thinking there could be a report button, or something similar to this, on each scenery and livery request. When clicked would give you a sort of dropdown with a few options to click. These could be This request is a duplicate and This request has already been fulfilled. When you click each it could give you a quick form where you would give the link for the request it has duplicated or the addon that has already fulfilled the request. Then the mods/staff could check which request was made first and if the addon is sufficient enough to fulfil the request before removing or marking the request as done.

  • Hi there,

    thanks for your suggestion. Actually there is already the option to report requests, when you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll find "Report". There you can provide one of your listed reasons above and our team will check it, delete duplicate requests etc.

    You're right, your solution is probably better and more user-friendly. We'll see if we can implement it some day!

  • SincereSpeedbird

    Changed the title of the thread from “Report/Delete Duplicate and Already Made Requests | New Feature Idea” to “[Solved] Report/Delete Duplicate and Already Made Requests”.