Export option for My Downloads + Packages

  • Hi!

    I would find useful if i could export (Excel?) the mods that i have downloaded in order to have them handy when a reinstallation (or other reason) emerges.

    Also to that regard a second wish would be to be able to select all or some of my downloads and have them downloaded as a package in order to install them faster in case of fresh install.


  • I am using it but there is no export functionality currently. Lorby-si Addons organizer also doesn't have this.

    Getting the export from there would have the advantage that you have all your packages, though i proposed that mainly for reinstallation purposes. Imagine to have to find out what you have downloaded from flightsim.to manually and then download it one by one. Just saying....

  • There should be soon an API, allowing external services to connect with your account, so they can check your downloads and make such export lists for you. However, I can't say when exactly. I feel like using a third party application is better in your use-case. All information users need to know about their downloads are already displayed on the site, this "extra" of exporting them is a nice-to-have, but no longer as part of our in-house service.

    Second Wish:
    Unfortunately, packaging up is not supported and not planned.