Stupid crashes: Don't open windows in flight

  • Have you ever had an airhead moment? Happened to me just now.

    So here I am, flying along at 12,000 feet in the Carenado Cessna 182T on a long 7 hour trip, about halfway along.

    I'm doing what we usually do in an unfamiliar aircraft in autopilot cruise - you check out the cockpit, look at all the switches etc., and I notice that the mouse switches to a hand symbol over the window latch next to me. "Oh, it seems that you can open the window." Click.

    "You have overstressed the aircraft" RESTART/MAIN MENU


    Share your moments of sudden gusts of shit to the brain below!

  • Have had a few of those moments myself.

    Just earlier I was flying the TBM and on approach into EDDF it gets really quiet. Forgot to monitor the fuel and switch tanks.

    It wasn't pretty but I made it.......barely!

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