Suggestion on aircraft category

  • Currently the aircraft library is a mix of enhancements to built-in planes and portovers from FSX. Eventually, once the SDK matures a bit, we should start seeing some native MSFS planes available as freeware as well.

    It would be awesome if there were multiple aircraft categories, so that downloaders could tell if a plane is truly MSFS-native, a possibly tweaked portover via a porting utility, or a modification to a built-in plane. There's already the Aircraft Additions section, but many posters are putting their tweaks in the main Aircraft category, and many portover planes aren't clearly described as such.

    Personally I want to stick with actual native MSFS planes, but that's a personal preference and many sim pilots are happy to fly portovers and don't mind the quirks. I'd just love to see planes clearly labeled as to what type they are. This will help avoid situations we see on older sites, where sometimes FS9 planes are labeled as FSX even though they have quirks that prevent them from working under DX10 or P3D. There are some authors, such as Rob Richardson, who are creating native MSFS versions of planes they've made for FSX/P3D, and it'd be nice for folks to be able to know those aren't hacked ports but true MSFS SDK planes when they become available.

    Something like:

    Aircraft - MSFS native

    Aircraft - Ports

    Aircraft Additions

    ...would be great.

    Alternately, some kind of searchable "Verified MSFS native" metadata would be great.

    Just a suggestion. Right now I don't think there are actually any native planes available outside of payware, but that will change soon, and being able to find those would be fantastic.

  • Yup, it would be best in my opinion to create an aircraft section in the menu on the same level as 'Scenery' and 'Utilities', and create a subsection for native and custom models on the same level as 'Tweaks'.


    Though, I would different categories than your suggestion:

    * native

    * freeware

    * payware (note that these are just links to the actual store pages)

    And then the mods and liveries are subitems on these pages.

    So for example, if you open the page Aircraft/native/A320neo, you get the liveries for this aircraft and the FBW mod.

    If you open Aircraft/freeware/[free custom aircraft] you get the download link as well as liveries for this aircraft.

    This is in my opinion a healthier presentation than the current one, where we create a submenu for every aircraft, including freeware aircraft like the Canadian mods.

  • I like that, Tjoeker, but I'd definitely still like to see a category for real MSFS planes vs portovers. "Native" could be confusing because it could imply the native MSFS SDK, or as you use it, built-in planes.

    * Aircraft - MSFS SDK (or MSFS Native)

    * Aircraft - Portovers

    * Aircraft - Payware

    * Aircraft - Mods (for stock aircraft)