Registration numbers on liveries

  • Gentlemen,

    I just finished my first livery for MSFS with one hitch. In MSFS when I choose the livery, a livery of the Asobo C152, it shows my fictional registration number (N1103) on the sides and under the port wing. How do I rid this? Is there something I need to write in the .cfg? Any assistance is most welcome.


  • I assume you don't want the rego to appear as you have added it to the textures. If you don't want the registration to appear on the aircraft, then use the following steps.

    1. leave the rego out of the "atc_id" line in the aircraft.cfg.

    Then to get ATC to work you will have to add something for ATC to use when they contact you. It can either be the registration already contained in the texture, or a callsign.

    2. For GA aircraft add a comma to the atc_airline line. This forces MSFS to use the flight number field, when you don't have an airline.

    3. Add your registration or callsign to the atc_flight_number line.

    This is an example of and aircraft G-GBAS I did where the registration was baked into the textures, so didn't want it also coming thourgh for the atc_id line and overwriting the textured registration with the atc_id line registartion. I also wanted ATC to use the abbreviated registration GBAS rtaher thatn the full G-GBAS for greater realism. Note that the 2 characters between the quotes on the ATC line are not spaces, but null characters. Unfortuantely this forum converts them to spaces so you can't just cut and paste them from here. If you want to use them then just download one of my aircraft and cut and paste the atc_id line from the aircraft.cfg.…hi-aviation-flight-school

    atc_id = " " ; tail number

    atc_id_enable = 0 ; enable tail number

    atc_airline = "," ; airline name

    icao_airline = "" ; airline icao code

    atc_flight_number = "GBAS" ; flight number