Open Source Projects

  • There is a growing amount of projects that create the same airports or scenery.

    Wouldn't it be great if the site encouraged and made it possible to submit your project as open source?

    Then we can bundle our powers and get better mods quicker.

    I guess we'd need a git system (or just a link to github) and a system to vote whether a push actually is an improvement.

    There is an increasing amount of people creating entire areas with landmarks. In my opinion that's just asking for trouble.

    What if somebody makes a better version of a single landmark? That would mean I'd have to get rid of all other landmarks just for one.

    I know one could start such an open source project and just mention it on his page, but 1 person in a 1000 is not going to fix the problem mentioned above.

    Hopefully if encourages / gives a platform for open source projects (some kind of backstage page for the mod) there will be more and more people embracing this.

  • While I am all for more open source projects to make 1 "ultimate" version of a landmark/airport/scenery object, implementing something like this on the website would take a tremendous amount of time and effort. I hope you understand that we are only a very small team of people who are developing / moderating the website and, currently, there are more important things to do :)

    However, like you stated, it's already possible to just link your Github project in the description of your mod/addon. While not very many will probably look at it (because it's unreasonable to assume that everyone who is using your mod knows how to make scenery/improve it), there might be someone once in a while who is willing to improve the scenery.

    We might look into making it easier for creators to "promote" the project's Github page (with a Github button perhaps) to maybe encourage other users to contribute to the project, but that depends on our current priorities. We probably won't implement our own Git versioning system since that would require too much time and effort to get it working and people are already using Github anyway.

  • I fully agree to your suggestion.

    I create airports, but only airport, runways, taxiways and parking areas. Many people ask for additional buildings, approaches and so on. I won't do these. On the one hand, because i don't want to learn the first (buildings), on the other hand because i don't know how to do (approaches).

    That is the reason, all my airports are available on github. I'm inviting others to participate. An official tag and the possibility to link to a github project would be great.

  • Regarding the git system: As R1NS3 already mentioned that would be too hard to implement right now, since we're currently still focusing on other aspects of the platform. But I'd love to continue this discussion again at a later date.

    I'd say to make it 'attractive' we'd need the Git button, an open source tag and a 'backstage' page for the project where things can be discussed.

    That should be possible :)

    We will implement the Git button and open source tag very soon. For the 'backstage page' part, well - why don't use our forums for example?