Customized Photogrammetry sceneries

  • Hello!

    First of all, many thanks to the moderators and many uploaders of this website. It is my favourite site for MSFS and the wonderful mods are a great asset.

    Many sceneries are created with the Google Earth Decoder. Thanks to the Google Earth Decoder optimisation tools from Thalixte (…ecoder-optimisation-tools), they can now be produced in very good quality in terms of loading time and FPS impact.

    One thing that bothers me is that when creating sceneries, you are limited to the rectangular shape given by Google Earth Decoder.

    It is possible to rework Google Earth Decoder sceneries in Blender.You can remove unwanted parts (e.g. ugly Google trees in autumnal brown, water areas, differently coloured fields or parts of the city that should not be part of the scenery). You can even flatten any areas (e.g. trees, which can replaced with SDK trees).

    Unfortunately, despite extensive attempts, I have not been able to export projects with multiple LODs from Blender. Exports with only one LOD work, but seem to have a higher LOD impact than sceneries with multiple LODs.

    Furthermore, I cannot manage to use the Google Earth Decoder optimisation tool for the projects exported from Blender.

    What do you think about the idea of being able to create individually edited sceneries in good quality? Maybe we can find a solution how to proceed.



  • Hello Luca...

    I am very interested in learning how to import sceneries into Fs2020. I have spent many hours trying to import a small amount of scenery using the

    Google Earth Decoder. I have had zero success.;(....

    After much searching I have not been able to find a working step by step tutorial.

    I have followed and watched the popular video many times by Flying Theston on YouTube titled " Easily bring in Google Maps Photogrammetry Data into Flight Simulator 2020 with Google Earth Decoder" without success.

    Hopefully you or others in the community can help write a tutorial for beginners to accomplish this task.

    I would think many people would be interested in doing this especially for their local area and greatly add to the overall add-on library .

    Thank you very much,


  • A fairly simple method I used :

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  • Thank you verdillon. I use this method,too. I would like to find a way to get rid of unwanted parts which come with the scenery due to the rectangle selection limitation in Google Earth Decoder and keep the multiple LODs from Google Earth Decoder. In the meantime, I found out how to do it in Blender. Unfortunatey, those Blender sceneries don't match with Thalixte's wonderful optimisation tools.