Need Help getting addons to work for FS 2020 from the Microsoft Store through the XBox app.

  • Hello all I am very new to FS 2020 but I have been flying in the older FS for years. My problem is getting the add ons to work. I have bought FS through the XBox app in Windows 10. During the install made me create a folder where it installed a folder called official/Onestore There is also a community folder where I have placed one of the free addons from this website but the plane did not show up. I tried turning on the developer feature and restarted but still no show. Any help would be much appreciated!!!

  • Hi there WildBilly.

    Did you check the livery option to see if it was in there. I know I was confused when I first tried adding new livery's but was not sure how to view it.

    Finally someone showed me the way.

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