AI Pilot Flying Into a Mountain

  • Hi there,

    I'm looking to record videos of the AI pilot flying between airports, but "the climb" waypoint out of my preferred airport (CZNL) is located in the ground. This causes the AI pilot to crash into a mountain, but there seems to be no way to get the pilot to follow a flight plan that doesn't go into the mountain. For example, the AI pilot will fly right past waypoints in the flight plan to complete the game-generated climb waypoint first.

    Does anyone have any solutions for this? Ideally, I would watch the AI Pilot fly from CZNL to CYXC in Canada. FYI, I've been using Little Nav Map to build my flight plans, but building the flight plan in MSFS 2020 doesn't work either.

    Many thanks for your thoughts and solutions. Rory,

  • I think maybe the only solution would be to select another airport for your AI to fly to. Hopefully on or near the original flightpath so you can still record the pictures you want. I found that filming whilst the plane is on auto pilot can be a bit tricky in other sims too. For example in Wings over Flanders Fields I watched my entire flight of 3 planes pile into the ground as the elevation data had obviously not been programmed into the flight plan. :(

  • I was thinking that choosing another airport may be my best option. However, I've tested the two other ones nearby. All of which are surrounded by mountains and don't allow the AI pilot to take off without crashing.

    Other's options include:

    • starting the recording after I've piloted to the first waypoint, or
    • starting the flight in the air, though Little Nav Map doesn't allow this.

    Thanks, Zester. Does anyone else have any suggestions?