MSFS keeps crushing after implementing mods

  • Check your event viewer after a crash or freeze. Goto the application log and look for any errors. This will give you an idea of what is the possible issue. Also make sure the mods you have installed are verified for the current version of MSFS. Lastly and the most painful way is to add each mod on its own to see what the sim maybe crashing on.

  • Why oh why does Asobo keep issuing updates which completely crash my MSFS2020? The flyby wire A320 is the best

    aircraft and far better than anything Asobo has created and I am thinking of switching back to P4!!!!

  • Because amongst other things, the SDK, which describes the interface between the addons and the sim, either stays static, and Asobo can't do anything to improve the sim in future that might need a change to the SDK, or is dynamic (in other words, the SDK is modified to allow for all the extra features that everyone is pushing for, and for all the features that developers here are building).

    The SDK is a quite complex set of rules that is evolving and expanding over time, and as we choose to use addons that are created by individuals, we rely on those individuals to make sure that the code generated actually works with the current version of the SDK.

    Now, MS has always allowed anyone to develop addons for flight sim, and in many ways it is much easier with MSFS 2020 than it ever was in earlier versions of the sim - you only have to compare the number of people who have gotten involved with developing addons for the new version to know that. However, many of the addon developers lose interest in their wares once they have created and published them, and do not take ongoing ownership of their work - recompiling, etc when the SDK changes.

    So, when the SDK changes, any addon that uses features that have changed in the SDK need to be recompiled for the new SDK.

    Some developers do that straight away, but we still have many addons on the site that haven't been reworked since SU5 (System Upgrade 5) which saw a number of changes that impacted a lot of addons.

    An additional problem is that each developer owns what is known as the "source code" for the addons, so it isn't as though anyone else can carry out necessary maintenance following an SU.

    One solution would be for "someone" (with deep pockets) to gain the agreement of developers to host their source code, and stp un when SDK changes lead to problems with addons, reworking and recompiling as necessary.

    Sorry, but it aint gonna happen! There are too many issues for anyone to take on this task voluntarily, and in the circumstances, about the only recourse I would suggest is that if a developer doesn't update his/her addons within a reasonable time span (and remember, the more addons a person develops, the more time it will take to update them) then you should consider boycotting that particular developer in future.

    There are also a number of "orphans" out there - where the developer has moved on, or become involved in some other activities, (or even passed away!), and unfortunately, addons from these developers will eventually "die" when the SDK changes hit them.

    If you want to know more about the SDK, go into the sim, and turn on "Developer mode" (very narrow small menu right up the top of the screen) and download the documentation. It'll give you some idea of the complexity of modelling for a flight simulator.

    Good luck.


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