AIG AI Manager vs Simple Traffic? Opinions?

  • Since MSFS 2020 came out we had really empty airports void from traffic and now there seems to be two add ons out that now make the world a little more realistic. I have installed and have been using AIG so far. Its a hands on type add on that needs updates etc and does randomly shut down but its still in "beta" and is free.
    The other is the new Simple Traffic and from what I have read and have seen online so far seems to be more of a fire and forget add on. Install it and it just does what it does. Also, the price is not really bad at all.

    I run several add ons like The Sky park and Lukes Air tool so having AIG open and running with random shutdowns at this point I am starting to lean towards Simple Traffic but was looking for some input.

    If you have Simple Traffic is there a performance hit and how is it overall?

    Thanks all in advance.