MSFS2020 not starting

  • Read what the message says. I'm assuming (possibly / probably) wrongly, that your knowledge of the sim and Windows isn't at what you'd call the professional level, so I'll try to step you through what needs to be done according to the message that you've posted. I apologize in advance if I've unfairly judged your capabilities, but best to err on the side of little knowledge, than just give you the outline at a very high level.

    Delete ALL your 3rd party addons (not just the latest - all of them), and run the sim again. It's a pain, I know, and the main reason I like MFS Addon Collector, which is a free tool that's available on this site, is because using this (or a similar) tool, you can remove all your addons with a single command, and put them back again the same way.

    If, having uninstalled all of your 3rd party addons, you still have the same problem, check to make sure that you have no outstanding Windows updates and if you do, apply all that itshows (probably excepting the Windows 11 update). Don't forget to close Windows 10 down if it asks you to do so after the updates have gone in, and also don't forget that if you apply Windows updates, you should check again after all have been installed, and system rebooted, because some windows updates don't show up until others have been installed. Apply all of them.

    Check for MSFS updates - through Microsoft Store, and through Content Manager. Again, make any updates that are available for the Sim, reboot the sim, and, without any addons, run the sim again. If it still crashes, you probably need to look at drivers for items like your video card.

    If all else fails, the official support site for MSFS 2020 is, and you can lodge a ticket there for your problem, or scout the forums for similar misadventures. Good luck, and let us know how you get on.


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  • Dear Capt. John G, I first appreciate your efforts to fix this big issue .

    Secondly yes I am not so familiar with the MSFS 2020 and I am trying my best to start as a beginner ..I followed your advices and instruction for fixing this issue for two days but still the same problem ...This issue made me so craze.. apologize for wasting your time ..I am currently disappointed because I did not know who to ply my favorite flight simulator

    Again tank you and best regards,


  • I've seen this alot. Just click on the bottom line "Continue in normal mode". Sometimes I will load the game and it will crash to desktop. Then that message appears when I restart a flight. I click on the mentioned button. I will see a notification of an update. If you see it, ignore it. Set up your flight and fly. When you exit, wait a few minutes and fly again. You shouldn't see that message and the update notification will also be gone. Hope that helps, good luck.