"Spare" ICAO Codes. Is anyone controlling there use? (List provided of all the UK Spares)

  • I wanted to create a "Fictional Airport" using the SDK.

    So I got hold of the list of UK.GB ICAO codes and listed all the existing and "spare" codes.

    See the attachment.

    From this I can see what the codes are for the real Airports near the one I want to add.

    So I suppose I could just do that or is anyone anywhere keeping track of MSFS added fictional codes?

  • Please revise the entry for EGCD Woodford, this is the historic AVRO airfield and one that I am busy recreating, so I certainly don't see it as a Spare Code.

    Did you intend your list to identify just those EGxx codes that have never been allocated and therefore are genuinely "Spare" codes, or are you assuming that everyone will have their sim 'up to date' so therefore a disused airfield also represents a "Spare" code. If it is the latter, then I must take you to task over this. Why does a sim have to be up to date? We are 'allowed' to fly historic aircraft that are no longer flying in the real world, so why not being able to fly from historic airfields that are no longer there in the real world?

    If it was the former, then this an excellent idea and thanks for putting the list together, but you'll need to somehow ensure that previously allocated ICAO codes are not shown as Spare Codes.

    At the very least, historic airfields should not be shown as Spare Codes as hopefully they will appear on the FlightSim.to website at some point making them available for all members. This being my intention with EGCD Woodford.