Aotearoa-Creations - NZ Flora Redux and Waterbodies

  • Aotearoa-Creations - NZ Flora Redux and Waterbodies

    Hey all,

    My new and updated vegetation and water scenery addon for New Zealand is now available!

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    For those wanting "as real as it gets" experience in the Southern Hemisphere, then this is the only product of its scale, covering the entire country of vegetation based on real world locally sourced data to give not only variety but also, true colours, height, densities, and localities of particular species where they exist in the real world. The scenery uses default vegetation assets but have been carefully selected to represent New Zealand vegetation as best as possible. Additionally, Canals, Lagoons, Lakes, Ponds, and Chatham Island Rivers, have been added along with Shoreline flattening in and around the country.