Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH) by FlyTampa

  • The biggest hub for aircraft in Scandinavia. You probably know what im talking about. Copenhagen Kastrup by FlyTampa!

    My first impressions were promising. You really get the feel that you are on Kastrup. FlyTampa has done a really good job overall modeling the terminal, creating custom ground textures and adding the nightlighting. All that made it my first payware scenery for MSFS2020.

    A closer look at the level of detail didn't disappoint me. Custom made jetways, ground veichles, cones, signs and a lot more really makes the airport feel alive. But not only do you get the airport, but also the Oresund Bridge. The only thing I can see as a downside is that there is no inside terminal, only at a few small places. But really, how does that affect your flight? Considering it's 18 EUR in the marketplace I think you get what you payed for (and more).

    So to summarize everything I really recommend buying this. If you frequently fly in Scandinavia and want a good quality airport for a reasonable price, this is the one. New destinations to explore with a better looking simulator!