Option to turn off external view HUD missing

  • I guess everyone noticed that some of their settings were changed after SU7. One of these for me was the external view HUD which was turned on after SU7. I was able to turn it off again immediately after the update; however, tonight it was back on and the setting to enable/disable it is missing. Has anyone else had this happen?

    General Options>Camera>Chase Camera>Heads up Display no longer exists.

  • Hey John, Thanks much for helping out. The setting was where you indicated. Strange thing was that it was set to ON by SU7, I turned it off then a few days later it was back on.

    By the way, I'm also a flight simmer since FS1. Thanks again

  • Yeah - back in the earliest days, MSFS was the very best way to tell whether a computer purporting to be up to IBM XT compatibility was to run Flight Sim on it. If it didn't crash the computer, then it was OK with any other XT compatible software.


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