Add-on Airport Not Working For Me but it works for the creator

  • A kind stranger went out of there way to add a local airport for me and shared screenshots of it working as intended.

    But it does not work at all on my system, it doesn't show on the map and in-game there are no changes.

    We have confirmed that I installed it correctly in my community folder and we both have the latest MSFS version.

    Now there is some slight issues with MSFS on my PC, like on the world map there is no option to select SID's & STARS for IFR flights and for quite some time i havn't been able to pickup any VOR frequencies in-game, so i'm not ruling out that my install could be fucked up in some way.

    But I did install some aircraft carriers just now and they work fine, as well as installing other airport mods, all showing up on the map and working in-game.

    The new airport is one that was not in the game at all.

    Leaving a full re-install as the last resort, any ideas? or could you test the airport for me?