MSFS Update 7: Manual Cache stopped working

  • Hi fellow simmers (especially those with limited internet bandwidth),

    Since SU7 I'm noticing that Manual Cache doesn't seem to work anymore, i.e. MSFS does not load photogrammetry from the cache, but it tries to load it from the internet every single flight. I can see that by the fact that now, buildings appear in low-resolution at first and only after a certain loading time, the high-detail models are loaded. (When I set photogrammetry data usage to OFF, I don't have any photogrammetry at all in the manually-cached regions.)

    I tried the obvious - restarting the game & PC, disabling all addons, re-creating the Manual Cache, but nothing's changing: My Manual Cache is simply being ignored. It worked perfectly fine before the update. I didn't change anything else on my PC.

    To those of you who use the Manual Cache: Do you have the same problem? Do you know any solution?

    Thanks in advance for your help!