Update 7 flight control issues

  • I have a Microsoft Sidewinder 2 controller since Dec. 1998 that I've mapped and has been working perfectly. Since the new update 7 I'm having a lot of issues. Engines are not reacting correctly. When I throttle up, it goes to full power right away and it either won't back off, or it will stay in afterburner. Afterburner and power drops, and with moving the throttle a few times, I get it back.. When a plane loads up, it doesn't go to take off position for flaps. I cannot go to full flaps. When a plane loads, it is like stage one of flaps, and you can't change it.. When I hit F8 for full flaps, they go back up to the first stage of flaps. As well, the HUD isn't visible on the F-14 or F-15. Any ideas??

  • Yes, update 7 sure messes up quite a lot. In the F-18 I do not have any instruments or HUD and there is no way to switch them on. The throttle goes to full A/B when turning on the ground. Moving the throttle back to idle, momentarily works, then goes up to full A/B again. Taxiing the airctaft is almost impossible due to the unespected throttle movements. The language was changed and all Flight control adjustments for the HOTAS Warthog disappeared. Very annoying. I also bought the T-6 package, but that was a big failure. All the different versions cluttered up the content of the hangar and had the same cockpit enclosure, the instrument panel was almost unreadable and not at all what the real T-6 looked like, when I learned to fly. I deleted the files one day later. I hope it does not take long to repair all these failures in the sim.

  • That problem is solved. I do not know what exactly happend, but the rudder seems to be working now. I checked it on four different aircraft, two of them addon. The other problem of the missing avionics has troubled me for three full days, but I did not find a solution. The MS helpdesk has not yet ansered, so I keep my hopes on that.

    Good luck