AI aircraft flight plans

  • Where does MSFS2020 store the AI aircraft that appear in some of the sceneries? I loved populating some of my SFX SE scneries with arriving and departing AI, it made the airports just a little more realistic.

  • You should not mess with the MSFS file imo. I think editing it will not show any changes anyway.

    You can find the traffic file in the Official/OneStore folder (or Steam folder I think) which is on the same level as the community folder.

    Therein you should look for a folder called fs-base-ai-traffic. Therein there are 2 files, one for aircraft and one for boats.

    To disable the standard traffic, I just added .xxx after the extension. Though the file gets redownloaded after an update.

    You can also just add your own traffic files on top without altering this file. It will show both the generic traffic and yours, but at least you don't have to mess with this file every time.

    For the custom traffic, I use AIFP. I guess you already know this software since you made traffic for FSX.

    This software autodetects your MSFS aircraft, and lets you create flightplans with the standard aircraft as well as your custom ones.

    It also auto installs your traffic file in the correct folder. (first compile your traffic, and then in the files menu, mount it)

    To avoid the necessity of adding .xxx every update to the standard traffic file, I made this wish:


  • It's best to contact the developer here if you have issues:…ms/ai-flight-planner.100/

    I don't know if the program is really looking for 'ApData' or if you made a spelling mistake? (it works for me)

    The folder is actually called 'appdata' and is hidden for you. To access it you need to type '%appdata%' in the addressbar of Windows Explorer. (without the quotation marks of course)

    (and then go one level up to find the 'Local' folder.)