exclusive uploads & scrapers

  • I have been uploading lots of repaints on your site, as exclusive uploads. You say that this helps tracking scrapers and other suspect behaviour.

    I recently noticed that most of my repaints, and those of many others, end up on this website: http://www.allflightmods.com/

    These repaints have been downloaded from flightsim.to, and I was now wondering if my exclusive uploading might help putting a stop to this activity. I have asked them a few times to stop posting my paints, but to no avail, and since they also offer a VIP service for payment, I think they are making unfair use of my work, which is supposed to be freeware for everyone. Can you help?


  • Thank you for raising this here. The team here have had some success in getting sites to take down pirated freeware (which is what it is), so I suggest that to get this case into their faces you raise a ticket here https://flightsim.to/support/create-ticket, which is under the Help banner on the main website.

    Good luck - I know from a previous incantation just how annoying it is for our good work being pirated by others. (see below)


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