simionic G1000

  • Hi all.

    Im after anyone who uses the simionic g1000 app on the ipad to clear a question i have.

    I dont own an ipad so im unable to test the features.

    I currently have switches configured via mobiflight operating the g1000 in msfs but would like the display on another screen. (without the pop out option).

    My question is, would my switches interact with the simionic app as i change the states in the sim, or do i need the bezel if i choose not to use the touchscreen on the ipad.

    hope this makes sense when its read lol

    many thanks Alex

  • I have not used the Simionic app specifically, but it would make sense that it works both ways.

    Because for a full sim where you have a radio panel for example with the tablet running Simionic G1000, you would want it to update the COM frequency on the sim and the G1000 display if you change it via dials on your panel.

    Disclaimer: There is a small chance that I am wrong though, so perhaps confirm with someone else here, or the developer of the App before purchasing it.

  • hi.

    Thanks for the reply. I went and purchased an ipad and the software, but it would apear that the simionic runs independant.

    There is a tab to send the msfs data to the simionic but that seems to make it laggy. ive just purchased a new network card but not tried it yet as the su7 has obliterated my setup gggrrr lol.

    What i found was that the radio freqs, HDG, CRS all seem to work but as for the Autopilot and GPS they all need to work via the app, rendering most of my inputs useless. Its a great app but i think the Bezel is needed but thats another £700. ouch.