Quality vs quantity

  • I'm curious, when artists put months into their work, so that it's accurate to the best of their research and artistic abilities, and proudly made available here, it gets good traffic on day one, then gets quickly bumped onto a second and third page, downloads fall right off, and the work is barely seen again, unless someone is looking specifically for it. Usually I have to link people here to my work, from other sites. They would never know it was available. There is so much interest in this site, perhaps you should re-examine the algorithms that serve you because I don't believe they are representing you or serving the artists or the people searching for quality work fairly. How do you manage quality over quantity? Maybe you don't, and it's just an upload free-for-all?

  • I don't really see how else they can do it. There's simply too much content for everyone to get their mod in the semi permanent spotlight.

    There's a scenery map so anyone making geographical searches will find your mod, and I always create a thread on the official forum linking to it so it turns up in searches there.

  • My one tip is that you make sure that the country where the addon is located MUST be very evident to all as soon as they see it. We have sorting algorithms that allow people to select their addons by country, and if you don't bother spelling out just were the addon belongs country wise, you have very little chance of anyone else seeing it once it's gone off the "what's new" listing. Some might look in the correct category, but as some of those (non-country) categories are getting quite huge, it becomes less likely that anyone will find it.

    Of course, a legend like superspud doesn't need the advertising - I think that just about everyone here knows his work, and if they ever fly anywhere near his addons, they will download them very quickly. If you don't understand why, just check out some of his Cornish and island airports. His attention to detail, and eye for good rendition, makes his addons really spectacular.

    He shows up here as a "Newbie", only because he doesn't visit this side of the site very much (first time?), but on the website, I'm the newbie, and he's, well, look for yourself: https://flightsim.to/karma


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