Left hand Forum menu truncated when expanded.

  • This has been the case all day, (I'm on Australian time) and I would have posted this in the help desk if I had been allowed to post pictures there.

    Below are two composite images that show what has been occurring today.

    Image 1 - is want the L/H side of the website looks like in Firefox, at 100% magnification

    Image 2 - at 90% magnification

    Image 3 - at 80% magnification

    Image 4 - at 70% magnification

    Image 5 - at 60% magnification

    Image 6 - 100% using Edge

    I expect you will already have noticed the differences - the L/H menu is truncated in Firefox until you get down to 60%. This isn't easy to detect - initially the thought is that the L/H menu is lacking some options. It's only by lowering the magnification that the real problem becomes apparent.

    Edge is obviously effected too, but a little less so than Firefox.



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