Missing and distorted textures

  • I hope this is the correct place for asking this question.

    I’m building some landmarks for my local city.

    I imported the watertower and have some issues with the textures:


    As you can see some of the windows are missing.

    All missing windows are the same texture. The ones you can see are a different texture.

    The strange things is, there is one window still showing up on the staircase tower.

    The windows that do appear are scaled wrong (they have 3 horizontal bars, but should have only 1)

    And also the concrete texture above the top windows is distorted. It should look the same as the rest of the concrete.

    Any clues?

    All textures are a power of 2.

    I have another question about this: can a texture for example be 512 x 1024, or does it have to be square?

    The error log says x skipped, x done and 0 failed. (x is a number obviously)

    I do get a bunch of errors saying ‘PackageBuilder | Couldn’t find asset configuration during partial build for file D:\Documents\MyFSProjects\Belgium Oost-Vlaanderen Aalst\PACKAGES\BELGIUM-OOST-VLAANDEREN-AALST\SCENERY\GLOBAL\SCENERY\TEXTURE\WATERTORENCONCRETEMAIN.PNG.DDS.JSON’ for all textures.

    I’m using SketchUp and ModelConverterX. The base textures are a power of two, although rescaled to fit the model; I then rescale the images to become a power of 2 in MCX. But this doesn’t seem to be a problem for 9/10 textures in the model.

    I posted this same question on the official msfs forum, but didn't get many useful replies: https://forums.flightsimulator…-distorted-texture/316667

    There is one person having the same issue, but that's it.

  • While I don't know what could be causing the missing textures, I can tell you that textures don't have to be square nor do they have to have a size from the power of 2. As long as the width and height of your textures are divisible by 4 (so width/height mod 4 = 0), it should work just fine. For my Oosterscheldekering I am using several textures of several sizes (for example 240x80).

    As for your missing texture problem, I don't have any experience with ModelConverterX, but, if you haven't tried it yet, might I suggest using Blender instead to import the SketchUp model into Blender and export it to MSFS, I can recommend this video to get started with SketchUp / Blender, it's what I used for most of my scenery uploads.

    Let me know if you need any more help setting up Blender.

  • Interesting thanks. :) I guess I'm old skool with my power of 2 square textures. :D

    Just to be clear, is it width % 4 = 0 and height % 4 = 0, or width/height % 4 = 0?

    I found a typo in one of my texture sizes, so I'm testing if that's stopping the sim from loading the rest of the textures.