Can't get autopilot working in CJ4

  • Hi, I am using non modded version of Cessna CJ4 and I can't get autopilot to work.

    I've watched few tutorials on youtube, however I quite don't understand some things.

    Let me explain:

    When I create Flight Plan via MSFS2020, from one airport to another using ILS approach everything works perfect.

    But when I start from scratch on the airport, entering everything via MCDU it does not.

    What I do:

    1. I start CJ4 from scratch.

    2. I go to MCDU, perf init and copy the current GPS location.

    3. I go to FLPLN and enter origin and destination airports (I put the same airports to train ILS approaches), so far so good.

    4. I go to DEPARR to set the ILS approach.

    Now on my glass cockpit I can see nice pinky and yellow paths via several waypoints to approach the runaway.

    5. I check the NAV1 freq if it's correct and it is.

    So everything seems to be okay, I can see path on the screen (or VFR map too) BUT here's where the difference comes in:

    When I create a flight plan using MSFS2020 menu, I can see on FMS the next waypoint which is correct as below:

    but when I create flight plan from scratch using the steps I gave above, my next waypoint is the airport itself, so when I take off and afterwards I try to follow the route, autopilot does not follow it, instead it's turning back on airport.

    So what am I missing?

    Why the path and legs are created nicely but FMS1 has wrong waypoint?