clickable not clickable

  • Hello all, this is my first thread and unfortunately it's about a problem. A few weeks ago i had to go without internet and the last thing my pc did was a major update (#6 / 1.20.???)

    Just yesterday i got the web back so I began getting caught up with various things, one was FLY!! It didn't take long to realize I now have graphics popping up when mouse is over an interactive object with an arrow and txt like press and hold ? , question mark inside a square. nothing happens when i click on any of them and before this update #6 I didn't have those popups and I could click on this normally. Everything seems to be in order otherwise, I just do not know what they are referring to with the "press and hold ? " and the question mark is inside the box.

    I've been simming since FS98, got deep in it with 2004 with several sceneries and missions then merged into FSX. MSFS2020 is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology

    and the future for gaming.

    I think this issue might be so simple so i'll call myself a dummy right now...........DUMMY! If anyone knows anything about what's occurring with my VC, gauges and popups please help.

    Thank you for your listening.

  • My assumption is it is the new control scheme, and you have no key assigned to the interact key for the new control scheme thing. If you want to go back to the old interactions, there is a setting (legacy something) where you can set it back to how it was previously.

    Alternatively, check your key bindings. I'm not at my sim at the moment, so can't remember the names of these, but is a place to start.

  • Yes i did press the question mark key w/wo shift key, no luck. This all started with the last update. Prior to that I had no assistant settings on so i could click on things and they worked. The mouse would indicate it but no graphical icon or anything.

    I think the 1st thing i'll try is check on that legacy setting, i know I've seen it before. Check back soon hopefully happy with my flyin face.

    Big thanx . . . . . . . rotate!