I need help with Flight dynamics for Antonov An-2 MSFS

  • I made a freeware Antonov An-2 for MSFS, it has been on flightsim.to for about a week, but the flight dynamics of the plane has many issues. I have given up on fixing them, but I desperately need to get an update out. The job would include making the engine.cfg, the flight dynamics.cfg and the flaps part of the systems.cfg excluding all the coordinates as they are already given. I can’t offer money for your work, but you would be given credit.

    If you want to help, please contact me in PM, in email, or on discord. Please write down how you would like to be credited, and roughly how much time would the work take you. I can provide you with some real-life user manuals (one in English, one in German, and one in Russian).

    Email: [email protected]