Batch of Aircraft - Request

  • Heyo,

    I'm basically copying and pasting this list from the MS2020 Steam forums over here to see if it'll gain more traction or not. Creators noted they wanted to create over here so I'm hoping they see this far more easily than over on Steam.

    Anyone works fine. I had the most fun with the Avanti Piaggio in FSX, something I can't have fun with anymore until someone makes a good quality plane as I had in FSX. Tried to import it, failed. Obviously it would fail. I just need more 'main' planes to fly long hauls, or semi long-hauls. The lacking of planes is frustrating me so I hope someone can help fill these voids of variety and especially the Canadian planes needing to be released.

    Aero L-29 Delfin? Flew locally here in Ottawa. You can pay $5,000-$1000 to fly it locally. Would love to have it available in MF2020 both for the 'lulz' and the respect. Even the historical value of it being a Czechoslovakian themed plane.

    Avro Arrow? Of course we need it in MF2020 to pay respect to its history, especially the Canadian history. Project Wingman has it, though would love something MF2020 side. A proper one.

    ANtonov AN-12BK? Flew locally here in Ottawa a few times. The bigger sister is always praised though having this variant would be sweet. Proper sound, and all.

    Convair 440 Metropolitan? Maybe I've missed it, though be neat to have that for historical value. ALways see it flying loops, patterns, and various research related happenings.

    CT-155 Hawk does training between Montreal, Ottawa, and Pembroke. Sabre F86, because it appeared at a Canadian air show in Gatieau. Vintage wings. My bias is if it flew in Ottawa I want it.

    Caribou and Buffalo is something we need for our Canadian pride. Not just me, though I do want it with the others. I also wanted to suggest the Twin Otter, found out Aerosoft is releasing it "soon" so I struck that off the list

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    I'm happy Aerosoft is releasing the Twin Otter. As for the the question? Everywhere. Maiden flight may be from Ottawa to Hamilton to buzz HMCS Haida. We'll see the actual range and speed. Though, the soon it releases the better. I need a proper 'main' plane.

    Kawasaki P-1? Random, though neat. Found that plane cool.

    Airbus A400m Atlas? Never flew that properly in a flight sim.


    In short:

    Look at my first quote, though the second one adds other nice planes the community has desired. Whatever someone can manage to implement in MF 2020 the better it shall be for the rest of us. Simply take your pick to add these planes into Flight Sim at your own pace, though hope to find them in there sooner or later. My bias is towards the Canadian plane so pick any Canadian plane and start populating the categories at your own will.

    Good luck, and happy flying!

  • ArcticuKitsu

    Changed the title of the thread from “Batch of Aircraft - Suggestion” to “Batch of Aircraft - Request”.
  • This: https://forums.flightsimulator…-aircraft-10-07-21/423989 appears to me to be the best list of MSFS 2020 aircraft, and being where it is, it does get quite frequent updates

    Thanks, and it is helpful. I just wish it contained the planes I have in the quotes. I am eying the Euro Fighter still and the Spitfire, just holding back on that now. Still desire for the Twin Otter (gotta wait), Avro Arrow, among others. I just hope someone plans to make them.

    The Corsair DLC is something I've bought recently which has a paint scheme I've seen the Corsair locally have in Gatineau's Vintage Wings.

    I'm thankful so that is one less plane to request.

    I'll try to keep up with the planes listed on that thread. With how swamped I am I tend to instead look at the front page of this site for new additions.


    I'll note this plane again because it would be helpful if it was on this site, not on the forum. I'll renote that (with permission from author) we should have that plane on this site. I want to fly that plane with the Canadian skin I noted earlier.

    At least help me with that, please. Again, I'm not going to sign up for 5,000 forums just to get a few planes. :/