Can someone make a mod that adds more wildlife in remote areas?

  • I really enjoy the mod that adds ships/boats to the oceans, it makes the world feel so much more alive. Animals already exist in the simulator, but they are very scarce & a rarity to find. My wish is that someone with more technical knowledge than me make a mod that adds various wild animals to different remote areas of the world. Like fill the African plains with herd animals & the big 5. Have large majestic Moose in Canada, Pronghorn antelope in Idaho & New Mexico & the surrounding states. White tail deer throughout the US & Canada. Some herds of wild horses in Arizona & Oklahoma. & so on, you get the picture.

    I think it would be really fun to take pretend passengers on a pretend "wildlife tour" in Microsoft flight simulator. & the wildlife would add some unpredictable surprises on different flights. Hopefully someone who reads this can make this come true, I would greatly appreciate it!

  • OK, what are you asking for?

    1. Lots of different types of animals
    2. Animals spread all over the world
    3. Animals all in the correct places (countries, localities)
    4. Animals (presumably) animated

    That's it? Anything else?

    OK, a few teeny little problems:

    1. Each animal needs to be hand crafted, and if you want it to all look realistic, you'll need at least a dozen of each, in different poses, different sizes, different genders, OK? For (say) 50 animals, that's quite a call on someone to model 600 different animals - different poses, different sizes, different genders. You probably need at least 100, to cover the major fauna of the whole world, oh, and you'll need whales, too, if you're going to get the whole benefit of this massive redirection of what is basically an aviation simulator - Sir David Attenburgh handles the animal spotting quite well without needing a sim to do it, BTW.
    2. You do realize that addons work best when they are limited to a small portion of the earth's surface. Sure, there's an exception for planes, and probably ships, but generally, each addon covers a small amount of territory,
    3. You need someone who knows the habitat of each species that you want modeled, and can identify any number of sites to make each animal worth while.
    4. You also need someone who knows how to animate - er - animals - now, I may be wrong, but I don't think that Asobo has given us the key to animation in the sim as yet.

    Interesting - sort of an animal sim using flight sim as the basis. I suspect that you'd have better luck selling some commercial concern on the idea of developing an animal sim, and grafting some airplanes into it, myself.

    Oh well, each to his or her own, I suppose. If you are REALLY serious about this, I suggest that you lodge a request in the requests page of the forum - you're likely to get some attention at least there, and get some idea of whether others see your suggestion as having merit by the number of people who vote for it.

    That's at btw.

    Good luck


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