Dividing the opening page between airport scenery and Liveries

  • Nothing against the artists who create liveries but it is frustrating when I spend, in some cases, over a hundred hours on an airport only to have its intro on the front page drownd out by liveries. I think those looking for liveries should have a separate landing page.



  • Well, I just had a quick look at the current front page - today - and it looks like this (the top part, anyway)

    3 new commercial addons of interest, a welcome, 3 lists that may be of interest (Trending, best this week, and latest), any of which can be expanded, And most of which aren't Liveries, followed by a series of views starting with What's New. Granted, in the first 8 new addons, three are liveries, but that really is the luck of the draw, and the statistical probability (see the last paragraph below).

    Personally, I use the "What's New" tab, on the side, under Recent Activities, where it is very easy to limit what you see to Aircraft, Liveries, Scenery, and a number of other headings, so you can focus on what interests you.

    To be fair, there are some 20,500+ addons currently hosted here, and every developer wants their work to be presented to the viewing public. That's what the What's New tab is for - the main page is really (I think) an introduction for new and prospective members, but again, personally, I would only ever use it is I wanted to make an image of it for some reason (see above), or if I wanted to know just how many members (nearly a quarter of a million) we have, the number of free addons hosted currently (20,500+) or the number of downloads that have been completed (18,000,000 +). For everything else, I tend to use the more useful and better organized tabs down the left hand side.

    Oh, and just for information, the reason that you are seeing so many liveries on the unsorted page is that of the 20,500, some 9,330 are liveries, which gives you some idea as to what people have been concentrating on - and I can just about guarantee that as more aircraft become available for the sim, so will many more liveries.


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