Is it possible to make a freeware 787?

  • Hi, as we all know, systems from Dreamliner are used in the 737 from BREDOK3D, and recently appeared in the freeware H60 helicopter. Isn't it possible to create a free Dreamliner using these systems? Is there anyone who would like to do this so that the plane can perform even simple IFR flights? Regards! :)

  • Yes, it is, but with a payware version available as part of the sim, why would anyone want to take on such a project?

    Not everyone is going to pay a lot of money for Premium Deluxe, and the Dreamliner included in it is not worth that amount. The 787-8 / 787-9 version is missing from the simulator, or maybe someone can create (or maybe even copy?) Dreamliner. Unfortunately, I can't program, but maybe some good soul would have some free time and would create such a work :) Have a nice day!