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  • Thank you for the reply.

    I run a 10900K CPU & an RTX3080 CPU. After update 5 I was able to run in ultra 4k across the board without a single stutter and FPS above 30. I had to delete MSFS 2020 and re-download in order to get the mandatory download and update VI. Everything loaded properly and I jumped into the sim to enjoy new things. First flight small aircraft leaving a small airport. The plane jerked down the runway going beyond stuttering to complete momentary stoppage. I noticed mu GPU usage went from its usual 98 to100% down to numbers below 10%. I tried setting of low across the board and still get stuttering. No problems once airborne. Any ideas?

    • As I can see, you've also set up a machine that should easily do it. I've just started an evening flight and I'm horrified at how many bugs have come in there. I don't know in which area you do your laps, my machine will probably have the same problems there too ... I think we have to wait for the next correction, WU6 should have really pissed off! Best regards, Karl