Liveries Mega Pack & A32NX Updated + Python Upgrade Kit for broken Liveries

Since Patch of Microsoft Flight Simulator, users claimed that liveries were shown in-game, but could not be selected anymore. We posted a workaround for users and a final tutorial for creators to update their liveries to make them compatible with the latest patch of the game. We encourage creators to update their liveries as quickly as possible so everybody can use them again without having to do the workaround.

Liveries Mega Pack 11.3 released

Days after Patch, Liveries Mega Pack has today been updated to version 11.3 and is now compatible with the latest MSFS Update. The pack – 4.7 GiB in size – can be downloaded via the link shared on their Discord server. Once downloaded, you can drag and drop the contents into your Community folder to make all liveries work again – replace already existing files when asked or remove old livery folders beforehand. However, Liveries Manager has not been updated yet, thus you have to re-download the entire pack or wait for tomorrow, as Clink123 announced an update for the Liveries Manager to drop tomorrow.

A32NX updated to be compatible with

Users also claimed that the latest patch of MSFS also broke their A320neo Enhancement Mod – A32NX. The A32NX Project is a community driven open source project to create a free Airbus A320neo in Microsoft Flight Simulator that is as close to reality as possible. Meanwhile, yesterday a fix has been released to address the incompatibility issues. If you already downloaded the A32NX Downloader on your drive, you may run it to update the mod automatically for you. Alternatively, the latest version can be downloaded on their GitHub Releases page. You can download the latest version or the A32NX Downloader also from the official FlyByWire website.

Liveries Upgrade Kit released – Update your Liveries!

Liveries Mega Pack also released a Livery Upgrade Kit on their Discord server. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to link it directly, so please join the Mega Pack Discord Server and head over to #livery-upgrade-kit. If you haven’t already, remember to join Discord as well. The Kit includes a Python script which updates your broken liveries automatically – all you need to do is to drag and drop the livery folder into the associated aircraft folder and run the script. The script will then run through all steps we provided in this guide for you and upgrade your liveries one by one. This way you can upgrade multiple of your liveries within seconds. However, Python is required to run the script – you will get all required information on their Discord server. Remember to upload the upgraded versions on!

Alternatively, a user named pepperoni505 also uploaded a Livery Converter, it also relies on Python but is only intended for use with A320neo Liveries. You might want to check it out too.

Mega Pack Discord Discord

A32NX Website

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