Workaround: Patch – Unable to select Liveries

We’re following reports that Microsoft Flight Simulators recent patch – – causes liveries to stop working properly. Please be patient while the community is investigating for a solution. In most cases, users complain that they cannot select a livery in the hangar or that the selected livery is not saved when clicked.

Possible Workaround 1

Make sure only one livery is loaded. You need to remove any other livery than the one you want to use. Move all contents of your Community folder to a different location on your system. Before starting Microsoft Flight Simulator, choose the livery you want to use, and drag and drop its folder into your Community folder, so it’s the only one in your Community folder when you are starting the game. You might need to repeat this every time you want to fly with another livery.

Possible Workaround 2

  • Navigate to Options > General > Developers and turn Developer Tools ON.
  • A upper navbar will appear. Click on [DevTools]
  • Create a New Project -> OK.
  • In the hangar, select the livery you want to use for your flight.
  • Again, in the navigation bar click on “Tools” and navigate to “Aircraft Editor“.
  • Click “Files” > “Resync
  • The livery should now be selected, but you will need to click on Resync every time you want to change the livery of your plane.